Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Fashion Tragedy

As parents, we often fear that we’re doing irreparable damage to our kids (Thank you, Freud!). It seems that most parents have fits of grief over how brutal a job they have done, especially when their kids are older (as in, adult).

Kids rarely feel this way. I mean, I can certainly look back at things that my folks could have done better, but the actual hang-ups that I inherited are few and far between. Asides from real abuse, kids rarely grow up to grieve their parents’ shoddy parenting.

I recently encountered such “damage” in a friend. Like much of the continent, we have had some brutal heat this summer. It was so hot, our immigrant friends from India were getting uncomfortable. The aforementioned friend (not an immigrant from an Equatorial region) was wearing jeans.

I had to ask, because she isn’t the type to be self-conscience about her body – she’s a part time model. As it happens, when she was a wee lass, her mom made her wear purple corduroy capris. Now, whenever she wears capris, she still gets that cringing feeling. OK, that makes sense, and we all grieved for her misfortune.

I haven’t had any such fashion tragedies, how about you?


  1. Other than the rare times I was forced to wear the suit and tie as a child, I don't remember any incidents of clothing torture. Ironically, I now enjoy dressing up in a suit and tie for church. Go figure.

  2. No, though my dad died when I was three mum always made sure we wore good clothes, I don't have any hang ups whatsoever,


  3. Hmm. My mum used to force me into frilly things. I was SO not a frills kinda gal!

  4. Around age 8 every sunday I was made to weara suit that was a size to small. I would twitch uncomfortably thev whole service..I get that same twitch when i pass a church till ths day..(sighs)..go figure

  5. In my class pictures, I'm the only one wearing platform shoes, and this was the early 80's. And I was all matchy, so these days I rarely wear head-to-toe one color.

  6. The only cringe-worthy fashion thing that used to bug me was not my parents doing. I was not a fat kid, but I wasn't skinny either. For some weird reason the clothing companies used to term clothes in my size as "husky". I despised the term and was embarrassed whenever I had to go with my mother to shop for clothes. Otherwise, my mother was pretty lenient about what I wanted to wear if I had any odd fashion inclinations they were of my own doing.

    Tossing It Out

  7. LOL. I followed 4 boys, and believe it or not Mom did make me wear some hand-me-downs. Truth: it didn't bother me. BUT, Mom disapproving of every fashion choice I made at the store... That one has lasting consequences. To this day I HATE shopping. Weird right? A woman who hates to shop? (Sorry to go all off topic on you.)

  8. Just popping by to say thank you for buying my book! :) I really appreciate it!