Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fact, Belief, and a NaNo update.

I have a new friend. Well, he's a guy from work, and we've been chatting casually for about a year now, always with the closing statement, “we've gotta get together sometime.” But, as it happened, 'sometime' was a long time coming, because 1) I'm naturally introverted, so on my days off, I tend to close the curtains and screen my calls, and 2) me growing family leaves me with my hands full.

Twice this year, though, Thomas and I finally got together. He plays guitar, so I brought my bass over, and we played with some of the stuff that he's been recording. The second time, we went to visit my drummer buddy, and THAT was a rip-snorting good time!

We have also read a lot of the same conspiracy books, so we'll go off on those tangents for awhile. Eight or ten years ago, I was chin-deep in that stuff, not so much the moon-landing-and-Roswell stuff, but more of how the few controlled the many through pyramid structures. For example, if a dozen people in the banking industry and the National Treasury's are all in the same clubs (like the Bilderberg Group), then they can have a wide-reaching influence on how the world's financial future will go.

There is tons of evidence that points to this, but it's mostly circumstantial, and sketchy testimonies. This all makes sense, because if there's a conspiracy, then they'll cover their tracks and intimidate witnesses. If there isn't one, then there will be nothing to find.

This led me to learn to separate facts from speculation. FACT: We have less than
10 000 years of recorded history. FACT Multiple civilizations show that they knew more about astronomy and engineering (ie, many Egyptian structures) than their primitive contemporaries. SPECULATION: Atlantis, or possibly alien astronauts, or both influenced the course of history.

The conclusion that I've come to is that I'll probably never know for sure what happened in pre-history. When I made my peace with that, it was extremely liberating. I can believe whatever I want, knowing full well that I don't need to prove it to be The Truth.

Which brings me to my WiP. I'm writing a novelization of some of these theories, and Julie asked me in the comments of my last post how my NaNo project went. Well, I hit the 50 000 words on time, but it was far from done, so I'm still plugging away at it. Yesterday was my best day this year so far: 838 words. I just may make my goal this week. Most of my reading is on writing (Blogs, magazines, and a great book by Chris Vogler), not to mention my beloved Podcasts, so I've really got a fire in my belly to get this happening.

Wow, that was a lot of tangent to answer that question!


  1. Its great to see you around again though! I'm glad you are working on your writing. The music between you and your friend seems like a fun time.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. OK, I was out of the blogosphere for a few months so I may have missed it ... but are you and the wife expecting?

  3. Growing family? Are you pregnant?

    Isn't Bildeberg the group that got Obama elected?

    Have you ever visited sounds like you kind of place.

  4. Thanks Will! I figure either all those questions are answered when you die or they're not and it didn't really matter. But hey, we've got wikileaks now so it's only a matter of time before we get all those answers.

  5. NaNo was just the beginning! I'm still editing. Will be for months.
    Cool about the jamming. We should get together sometime...

  6. I LOVE conspiracy stuff, so I will be anxious to hear how that novel goes. My novels all have some level of conspiracy (bad guys in positions of authority manipulating things) but not that level. AT. ALL. impresses the hell out of me when I see it done well.

    I just managed to get my BuNoWriMo cleaned in a month... Not CLEAN CLEAN, but clean enough for ABNA. Did you know in April there is a NaNoEdMo? Maybe shoot for finishing by then, and then using the group momentum for your clean up... (because of course I want company. I will be participating)

  7. I've always scoffed at a lot of the conspiracy stuff. Then at the suggestion of fellow blogger Stephen T. McCarthy I watched a few documentaries about the subject and now I'm thinking, "maybe there's something to all this conspiracy talk." It's interesting speculation.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  8. The conspiracy stuff is interesting but I'm a big believer in the power of the masses(of which I'm a member) so I don't worry about it much.
    The engineering in the pyramids, isn't that the theory the movies Stargate was based on? Aliens present in ancient Egypt?

  9. Congrats! on the word count milestone. And I find it fascinating the science and technology the ancients may had but was lost somewhere in the annuls of time. Obviously they were very smart people across the globe thousands of years ago in order to accomplish what they did.