Sunday, January 2, 2011

Active Lifestyle?

We had this brilliant idea that we wanted to be an active family. We didn't want our kids to be video game zombies with no real skills, so we'd brainstorm ideas about all of the classes we wanted to enroll them in (we only have one child, but we're “trying” for more, so we often speak of “them” in the plural when we get theoretical).
We're pretty adamant on getting them into some kind of Martial Art, for the exercise and discipline. Also, for the girl(s), we'd feel a lot better knowing that they could take care of themselves if need be. We've also thought of swimming, as that's a valuable skill. I'd like to get them into piano too, because it's the best starter instrument, learning the theory, and the two-handed coordination. The trouble with piano lessons, though, is that 90% of kids hate it, and give it up as soon as they can. I'm hoping that a fun teacher can remedy that.
On Tuesday, we took our first steps towards that. Andrea had a shopping date with Michelle, who had recently been skating. She had a blast, and said “You should take Calli skating!” None of us had skates, but being the season for sales, Andrea was able to get us all outfitted for $100. I have to admit, I wasn't 100% thrilled at the plan, but once we got out there, it was a blast. It wasn't too cold, so Calli had a great time. Especially when she figured out that she could just go rigid, lean back, and let me push her.
Then yesterday, we took her & Captain Kuma, head of security out for a walk. She got a classic-style wooden sleigh for Christmas, and it was fun to put a few miles on it. Actually, that's a generous assessment; it couldn't have been more than a mile and a half. We were pretty pooped, and I'm glad that we did it before her afternoon nap, so I had an excuse to sit with her and catch a few winks of my own!
Thursday was a little easier; we're getting ready for our New Year's Eve Fondue Party. Since we went cleaning-crazy last week for our Christmas Eve Party, today was a snap! Now I have time to write – Yay me! (I meant to get this up on Friday, but I didn't get the pictures I was waiting for -- Boo!)


  1. Activities are hit and miss, as long as you remember that you'll be okey dokey. For instance, we tried karate with our son....EPIC FAILURE. We left with him screaming. Apparently even though he lives with a very LOUD woman, the man sounding like a drill seargent freaked him out. T-ball (now baseball) was a super-duper hit. It's definitely his niche and he looks forward to it every Spring.

    Best wishes on trying for a new crumbsnatcher....the trying is the funnest part ; )

  2. Yeah, you have to find what your kid enjoys. My parents tried outdoor activities with me, and while I survived Scouts, I really didn't like being outdoors. But once I found music, that was it! (And anyone who doesn't think music is active has never marched a football field before.)
    Now if you can combine Martial Arts and skating, that would be cool.

  3. Get them used to doing a physical activity before the computer steals their brains forever!

  4. Hi Will .. just getting them doing things - I had the luck and pleasure to try loads of things and am just so grateful .. not very good at most - but at least had the experience: looks like you're going that way with your kiddo! They'll decide ..

    Cheers and have fun with all the learning .. Hilary

  5. I have both my girls in acticities, I do hope at some point you would allow them to choose the activity. My oldest is 9 and hasn't settled on just one, I originally put both my girls in dance class- they hated it, kayla my youngest has finally settled on Gymnastics, but My eldest just isn't interested on settling in one kind of activity- she likes science stuff so we do the science fair every year, she tried karate but didn't like it, she likes music, but doesn't practice...sighs...sometimes it just doesn't work out the way you planned. LOL but they are people too with different tastes just like everybody else. Good luck!

  6. Oh I think martial arts with skating is a grand idea! Of course I've been walking alongside a new bicycle rider for 3 days... "I'm gonna crash!" "No, you're going 1 mile an hour sweetie."

  7. Hey Will, thanks for stopping by. Great to see you again. I've missed your much needed humor. Have a great New year!

  8. I can say from experience - there is no exercise like ice skating! I figure skated for years before giving it up to play hockey. I keep saying I'm going to get back into it - maybe this will be the year :)

  9. Oh, Will... I had ALL SORTS of ideas like you're talking about... Personality will tell. Some kids are willing to be guided and other's rebel. My daughter was FIRED from piano lessons when she was 9 because she wouldn't actually practice (she pretended to, but it was always a struggle)--the teacher finally said she wasn't progressing and we were wasting our money.

    I think the active stuff is GREAT! (though both my kids quit karate too)--we signed them up for a rec and ed sport each season until they each sort of picked what they liked (swimming with the daughter and basketball with the son--and since he should end up quite tall, that's probably a good choice)

    Hint--swimming lessons you should start REALLY early or they will be afraid until they are 4 or 5--I'd get to those soon.