Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Haven't Literally Messed Myself. However...

It's been a week and a half since I've posted, and I'm sure that the parents among you know why. With Andrea back to work, the chores don't go away. Getting used to this has really taken a toll on all of us.
Calli and I had some great Daddy/Daughter days that left my just exhausted. Trying to take up my share of what Andrea was doing when she had more time has been a learning experience. I've always given my wife due credit for the effort she makes, but now I see that I barely had an inkling of what she did.
By the time I got Calli ready for Daycare, did some chores, made food for her, put the house in some semblance of order, then worked a shift, I was just done for! Even with my vitamin B and copious amounts of coffee, I'd get home, and just collapse.
I noticed this trend last year; the Blogesphere slowed down in September as parents got back into the swing of getting their kids off to school. Now, I'm one of them, and I totally appreciate when parents can squeeze a few extra-curricular activities into their day. Some of the more clever parents I know take the week off to get into the swing of the new school year. I've got next week off, but it's gonna be hairy.
You see, our daycare provider backed out. I get to spend my week off finding someone else to watch Calli so we can continue making an income. yay.
The previous paragraphs were written last Friday. It's been that kind of week. With Calli's Birthday party on Sunday (more on this on Friday for the Birthday Blogfest hosted by Michelle at Southern City Mysteries)we have again been crazy-busy.
Anyhoo, our daycare provider quite because our little angel was unable to settle. Like a lot of 1-year-olds, she was quite confused and distraught with the situation. Now, I'm losing my mind trying to find another provider. This brave soul gave her notice with a Facebook message. Twit.
So, sorry for the delay, but I'm sure you understand (even those who don't relate). If you're reading this, thanks for not giving up on me! And thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law who took pity on me and gave me the afternoon off!


  1. Kids, regular life, parental responsibilities- I hear ya and I'll still be here following :) good luck!

  2. Your daycare provider quit because your one-year-old wasn't adjusting after approximately what, two weeks? And she told you via a Facebook message? Yeah, you're better off without that twit. And, Callie not adjusting may have been due to something she wasn't doing right. If my mom lived in Canada, she'd totally watch Callie and she'd be spoiled rotten after a week and maybe also demanding homemade biscuits and gravy every morning, but that's irrelevant.

    Welcome to the insane world of two-parent-working-daycare-issues-holy-crap-I-can't-remember-if-I-put-on-deoderant-this-morning parenting. It gets easier. Or so they tell me...

  3. How I feel so sorry for you, you are trying hard to make a good life for your daughter but are being hindered by child minders. It's extremely difficult to find really good ones and you want to choose one your daughter can take to and vice versa. I do hope things settle down shortly.I wish you the best of luck.
    It's hard to be a parent but so rewarding.
    PS:Thanks for the visit and lovely comment much appreciated,

  4. She sent a Facebook message? Lame!! I'm sure you'll find someone more mature and responsible.

  5. Hi Will .. sounds a sad lady or girl! Can't face the fear .. doesn't want to learn - how to get it right .. doesn't want the money.

    Honestly this day and age .. crumbs - I'm glad I'm out of it (age wise!) .. & kids and parenting - I can imagine the challenges - lets hope all will be sorted - stressful time ..

    Thinking of you all .. Hilary

  6. Well, now that I've taken some time to calm down, I would like to start off by saying that you have left out some major details in your latest post. Your wife, and I had a half hour conversation....IN PERSON, last Thursday, when I expressed to her that I was no longer able to provide daycare for Cally. I also gave her 2 weeks notice! You chose to not bring her back after that day. The facebook message was simply an expression of my repeat apology that it didn't work out, and sending a birthday wish to Cally. Andrea, had stated to me (on Thursday) that she completely understood my decision, as all of the other parents were voicing concerns about Cally's unconsolable crying (ear piercing screaming, if you will) causing thier children to be terrified to come into the house (after 4 years!), aswell as thier children suddenly not being able to nap, on the days Cally was here.
    I tried for 2 full weeks to do everything in my power to comfort and entertain her, but to no avail. Andrea had also mentioned that she was the same way at home, and how she couldn't even make a meal, without crying herself, due to the innability of being able to put Cally down, aswell as not having a sleep routine set for her. What really shocked me, however is that Andrea had said, she felt that Cally needed a daycare for special needs, what exactly did you both forget to mention? With my 10 years experience (highly respected, I might add), and as a mother of 3 children, as well as holding a degree in child psychology, I knew something was not right, but gave it my best, regardless!I even let you guys off without paying the first week, or did you forget that too?
    Now, the need for you to falsify the truth, insult me, and call me names publicly is beyond me, but I would like to inform you that by doing so, you are commiting a crime, known as slandering!
    I do however, wish you all well, and yes, you are going to have a difficult time ahead of you, as there are no daycare providers out there that will give you more then 2 weeks, especially once they realize what kind of parents they are dealing with aswell.
    So, now that I've clarified the situation, I hope you have a great day, as I know I will.

  7. Will-I'm so sorry things are so chaotic! Any parent totally understands the challenges of child transitions, so take what time you need. I hear the stress... Just breathe... the routine WILL COME at some point, so hang in there until then.

    Good luck with it!

  8. Thank you all for your supportive comments.
    Kmills, where do I start? Three days is not a week. You were paid, and for an extra day. Thursday's conversation ended with you saying “I'll think on it over the weekend...” Apparently, a weekend is about 26 hours. Memory's a funny thing, eh?
    “Special Needs” referred to separation anxiety, not a clinical condition.
    I believe that legally, slander needs to have a name attached to it. For example, someone coming onto a site with a specific name attached to it, and implying that their character is sub-par.
    Congratulations on the day off. I assume as much, since a respected daycare worker wouldn't have time to set-up a Google account to leave such a lengthy comment with minors toddling about.
    On a completely unrelated topic, there's plenty that was left out of that paragraph. Your welcome.
    While a part of me is flattered with the attention, I must remind you that I'm happily married. If you're hoping that we'll find our way to a polygamous situation, it's a long way to the A List.

  9. A mother-in-law who takes pity is a good thing :) Hope things will fall into place for you. Surprised the provider did not give more time for Calli to adjust??? I would assume this is normal behavior for a 1 year old who is just getting used to an unfamiliar situation.

    I am about to back out on something that I am dreading; Hey,I think I'll do it on Facebook!!!

  10. Hope it works out for you soon. It sounds like a crappy time was had by all. We gave up on the babysitter situation because it caused too much stress, especially calling to cancel at the last minute and we'd have to call in to work. We just decided to be poor till she goes to school all day. It's all temporary. Just keep telling yourself that.

  11. Hey Will,

    It's great that you still find the time and energy to post. Sounds like the busy family life is something of a beautiful chaos

    The Facebook thing however is sad. Unfortuantely this is how things are often done nowadays

    Wishing you all the best! Chin up, eh? :)

    Warm regards

  12. While I have never been in exactly your shoes, I do feel for you. I was one of the fortunate few who got to stay home until my boys went to school. I don't know what the cost of daycare in Barrie is, but even here in Saskatoon I know young people are weighing wheather it's even worth it. Depending on costs, sometimes an entire paycheck can go to daycare. I know it may be a necessary evil if a person wants a "career", but if you're just working to bring in a little cash - what's the point if you give it all to daycare?

    Like I said, I really don't know your financial situation, but either way, every child is different and yours just may need mommy and daddy more right now. I've been through times with both my boys when they were babies when, at certain times, things felt hopeless and I just didn't know what to do but it really will "fix" itself, I promise.

    Post when you can, we'll be here.