Monday, December 5, 2011

Another Triumph!

That’s right; I snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, and got my 50 000 words for NaNoWriMo. On Sunday the 27th, I was already behind, and had had a particularly rough day at work. (It was my own fault – I let my energy get sapped by being pissed off at a co-worker.) I got a modest 1000 words that day. I was nearly ready to throw in the towel.

So, on Monday, I really knuckled-down after work and did a record-breaking 2700 words. Then, I had a couple glasses of wine (a writer’s vice if there ever was one), and thought, ‘I’m going to set-up my next scene,’ and got another 450 words done. It was starting to look like something that could be saved!

Tuesday, I usually have Daddy-Daughter-Day, but through the miracle of wife-taking-the-day-off-for-a-doctors-appointment, I was able to get a solid hour of writing in the morning, plus two-hour space between dinner and Bath/Bed procedure, in addition to nap-time, and after Chickerdoodles went to bed, I got a barn-burning, Rip-Snorting, Record-Breaking 4200 words in a day! By Wednesday the 30th, I only had 660 words, and, well, the story kinda tells itself after that.

I really owe this victory to my wife. Not only was she so understanding about the countless hours I stayed up late and got my word count in. She was also my biggest cheer-leader when I wasn’t keeping up, and kept my spirits up when I was feeling defeated by the size of the task.
I’m looking forward to getting back to Blogging now, and getting re-acquainted with you all. Thanks for your patience in my absence.

Before I finish, I have to share a Proud Papa moment. I was sitting on the couch, watching TV with Chickerdoodles on my lap, and I did something kinda loud and rude, as men are wont to do in their homes. She said “Puba!” (Toddler-ese for ‘Kuma’). That’s right, she blamed the dog! It was one of those moments that I dreamed of when I first learned that I was going to be a dad. I spent the next day at work, telling everyone who would listen, and many who wouldn’t. Then, about a week later, she farted, then blamed the dog. It was just as funny the second time.


  1. You did it! Helps when your wife is supportive, as I know so well from last year. Good stuff, Will.

  2. Congratulations on completing your 50k for NaNo! Awsesome, especially if you had fallen behind and despaired of finishing.

    And ... er, congratulations on having your daughter blame your , er ... you-know ...on the dog.

    Around here, it usually IS the dog, but I guess you never know.

  3. Greetings From Southern California

    Ha! I love it! When all else fails blame the dog. My dog got blamed for everything when I was a kid. He ate my homework at least once a week :-)

    Thanks for your recent visit to My Blog

    Have a Nice Day :-)

  4. Great! Good for you. See you back on the blogs now.

    Coming soon: Your A to Z stories and the official A to Z Badge is now revealed
    Blogging from A to Z

  5. You're a lean, mean, writing machine. Go Will, go!!! And enjoy that wine. You deserve it!

  6. Thanks for stopping back to my blog.

    Hope you enjoyed the visit.

  7. Congrats to ya!! Yay for your NaNo win. :) Sounds like you really sweated to make that goal! Love your nickname "Chickerdoodles." :)